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Upcoming Events

12 October 2021

Open Advanced Training | Maureen McIntosh ( Virtual )

Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants, 22 Wilson Road
Riverview, New Brunswick E1B2V8 Canada
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19 October 2021

Open Basic Training | Maureen McIntosh ( Virtual)

Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants, 22 Wilson Road
Riverview, New Brunswick E1B2V8 Canada
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21 October 2021

Practicum Supervisor Endorsement | Maureen McIntosh | Jim Montagnes

Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants, 22 Wilson Road
Riverview, New Brunswick E1B2V8 Canada
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Glasser Canada shall be dedicated to the promotion and further development of the ideas of William Glasser, M.D. and their application and relationship to other works throughout Canada and elsew


Promotes and maintains high quality training programs, within the WGI training framework, and provides leadership in exploring other modalities and ideas complementary to Dr. Glasser’s ideas.


Provide national leadership for Canadian faculty members and others in the promotion and development of their training programs

Offer a platform for an ongoing information exchange for critical discussion concerning any training and education programs


Saying Yes… Creating Peace & Wellbeing
for Humanity

Glasser Canada is on a mission to illuminate the power of choice to help humanity create a world of peace and wellbeing for ALL.

To spread the ideas of Dr. William Glasser far and wide…

→ We deliver educational training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management to develop the skills that put you in the driver’s seat at work and in life

→ We host a global virtual community of Choice Theorist with e-Glasser to foster connection, support and collaborative learning

→ We provide certifications to professionals who are ready to excel in their careers

These skills are useful personally, in various relationships
and in the workplace, such as

For Self

Mental Health Taking charge of your life and opening up a world of possibilities to wellbeing

Self-Mastery Cultivating the skills that allow you lead yourself intentionally

Intentional Living Imagining a new quality world that inspires action, bringing what you really want to life


Education Creating learning environments 

Leadership & Org Leading with integrity and mutual respect while inspiring

Coaches & Counsellors Providing you the tools & framework to lead others through transformation

With Others

Parenting Leading your children while fostering an environment of mutual respect, care and love

Relationships Creating and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships

Caregiving Learning how to consider your own needs and wants to prevent compassion burnout

What is Choice Theory® ?

CHOICE THEORY® is the basis for all programs taught by The Institute.
The 1998 book,
Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom,  Dr. William Glasser
is the primary text that is used in all our training.

Choice Theory® teaches us why and how we behave to match the picture that we want in order to satisfy our basic needs for survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun. Our thinking, acting, feelings, and physiology occur together; therefore, we refer to this as Total Behaviour.


All behaviours are . . .

  • Internally-motivated
  • Purposeful
  • Flexible
  • Creative

Reality Therapy

REALITY THERAPY is the method of counseling that Dr. Glasser has been teaching since 1965.

It is the art of creating a meaningful relationship, and through that relationship, helping clients make more effective choices. 

As discussed in Dr. Glasser’s book, Counseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy, it is now firmly based on Choice Theory, and its successful application is dependent on the counselor’s knowledge of that theory. In fact, teaching Choice Theory to counselees (whether clients or students) is now part of Reality Therapy.

Since unsatisfactory or nonexistent connections with people we need are the source of almost all human problems…

The goal of Reality Therapy is to help people reconnect.

Dr. William Glasser


In personal relationships, couples or parenting to enhance satisfaction & connectednessIn schools to elevate the quality of educationIn counseling with clients In coaching as a powerful questioning processIn the workplace for effective leadership


In the workplace for effective leadership


In coaching as a powerful questioning process


In counseling with clients

My curiosity about understanding behavior and my interest in enhancing my client services lead me to Maureen's Basic Intensive Choice Theory Reality Therapy course. I thought I was going to a weekend course, but instead I found a home. Growth is easy when having fun is priority. I learned about myself, I found and sharpened new skills, and I adopted an approach of curiosity and excitement.

Melissa Landry

Executive Coach & Management Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Dr. William Glasser?

Dr. Glasser was a world-renowned board-certified psychiatrist that did not agree with the medical model of medicating for mental illness. Instead, he believed in working with people and helping them to find and build stronger relationships. He first developed Reality Therapy ® in 1965 and after writing several other books in 1998, he published his now classic book called Choice Theory®, A New Psychology of Personal Freedom.


As a Business Owner why would I want to know about Reality Therapy?

It is probably the best communication tool you can learn to lead your team. It helps you learn the art of self-evaluation and will help you and your staff focus on solutions as opposed to problems. Learning these ideas will help you create a happier, more productive workplace. Lead Management is a part of what we teach incorporating these ideas.


I heard that many teachers and school counselors are trained in these ideas, how do they help them?

Most teachers and school counselors tell us that they have mastered classroom management and take great joy in creating a classroom where students love to attend, have fun and learn.


Do I need a specific background to study these ideas?

No, anyone can take this training. We have had parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses, clergy, counsellor, psychiatrists, hairdressers, bus drivers, and others from various walks of life, take this training and learn a communication process that helps them help themselves and others.


News & Resources

In Memory of Claude Marcotte

In Memory of Claude Marcotte

Glasser Canada has lost a pioneer who worked tirelesslyfor our French communities! We offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Claude Marcotte We owe a great debt to Claude Marcotte who worked in the ‘early’ days mainly with instructors from the United States and...

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The Art of Gathering – Priya Parker

The Art of Gathering – Priya Parker

I recently read a wonderful book - The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters. Truly it has been a long time since I underlined and wrote notes in the margins of a book, and I did this extensively for this book. Ellen Gelinas, a Glasser colleague recommended...

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