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The conference is about “Take Charge of Your Mind: For wellness and effectiveness with Choice Theory in organizations, families, education, and mental health.” Workshop facilitators receive a 60% discount in their registration fee for a fee of US$152 and call for proposals is open.

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International Journal of Choice Theory®

and Reality Therapy offers a special historical edition that provides support for interest in the legacy of the late Dr. William Glasser and the member organizations which he supported during his life.

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Are We There Yet?

When traveling with kids (or some adults), you’ll hear a repetitive chorus of, “Are we there yet?” If you are the driver, you may choose to find that annoying. However, put yourself in the position of the passenger-child for a moment. They have no control over where...

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Romance Writers Break the Mold Overview

I recently heard an interview with Chris Larson, Assistant Professor of Journalism at the University of Colorado. She spoke about the research she did on Romance Writers and their surprising financial success. Unlike many in media, romance writers are flourishing in...

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Finding the Joy

There is a woodchuck in my life. He lives close enough so I see him when he emerges from his den to sprawl on his rock in the sun. He’s far enough away, and much too wary of me, to become a pest. I’ve been observing him off and on for a couple of decades now. I call...

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$125/ Annual
$125/ Annual
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$125/ Annual
$125/ Annual
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  • Basic/Advanced Practicum Supervisor


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$150/ Annual
  • Certification as CTRTC/RTC
  • Instructor, Supervisor, Facilitator


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$65/ Annual
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  • Mentored & Teaching Take Charge Program


$50/ Annual
$50/ Annual
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  • Certified as CTRTC/RTC


$25/ Annual
$25/ Annual
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  • Interest in Glasser or completed basic intensive training

By request, GLASSER CANADA is offering FACILITATORS, SUPERVISORS, AND INSTRUCTORS in our global community the opportunity of joining us to benefit as a member of our PLATINUM BUSINESS VIP model.


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