Upcoming 2019 Conference in Bellevue, WA

WGI-US, Glasser Canada and the NW Region of WGI-US have exciting information about the upcoming 2019 Conference in Bellevue, WA, a suburb of Seattle. This will be a co-sponsored conference between the US and Canada, hosted by the NW Region of WGI-US.


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Latest Member Posts :

The Value of Lobster

The lobster fishery has been a way of life for generations of families in sea-side communities. It has literally put food on lots of tables. Over the years, the perception of the value of lobster has changed. Lobster hasn’t always been considered a treat; far from it....

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Friend and supporter lost her battle to cancer

On Friday, July 27 a good friend and supporter lost her battle to cancer. Janet Longaphie was the first and only School Principal to bring her Beaverbrook School to the status of Glasser Quality School. In 1991 Dr. Glasser came to Moncton for a conference with Reality...

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Are We There Yet?

When traveling with kids (or some adults), you’ll hear a repetitive chorus of, “Are we there yet?” If you are the driver, you may choose to find that annoying. However, put yourself in the position of the passenger-child for a moment. They have no control over where...

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$125/ Annual
$125/ Annual
  • WGI $75 US + GC 20 CD
  • Basic Instructor or Senior Instructor


$125/ Annual
$125/ Annual
  • WGI $75 US + GC 20 CD
  • Basic/Advanced Practicum Supervisor


$150/ Annual
$150/ Annual
  • Certification as CTRTC/RTC
  • Instructor, Supervisor, Facilitator


$65/ Annual
$65/ Annual
  • WGI $30 US + GC 20 CD
  • Mentored & Teaching Take Charge Program


$50/ Annual
$50/ Annual
  • WGI $20 US + GC 20 CD
  • Certified as CTRTC/RTC


$25/ Annual
$25/ Annual
  • WGI $10 US + GC 10 CD
  • Interest in Glasser or completed basic intensive training

By request, GLASSER CANADA is offering FACILITATORS, SUPERVISORS, AND INSTRUCTORS in our global community the opportunity of joining us to benefit as a member of our PLATINUM BUSINESS VIP model.


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