Glasser Canada has lost a pioneer who worked tirelessly
for our French communities!

We offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Claude Marcotte

We owe a great debt to Claude Marcotte who worked in the ‘early’ days mainly with instructors from the United States and other parts of Canada to begin training with Dr. Glasser’s concepts: Bill Abbot, Perry Good, Ron Harshman, Lynn Sumida, Hélène Grenier, Diane Gossen, Jim Montagnes, to name a few. It was Claude Marcotte along with Richard Coutu and Louise-Nicole Dupuy who were instrumental in getting almost all of Dr. Glasser’s books, at that time, translated  into French by two publishing houses, Les Éditions Logiques and Chenelière-McGraw Hill.

The Association Québécoise de la Thérapie de la Réalité [A.Q.T.R.] was ‘key’ in promoting and teaching Glasser’s work within the social services organizations that embraced Glasser’s ideas throughout Québec: group homes, education, and the penal system. As a result, Québec enjoyed its own trainers: Francine Bélair, Pierre Brunet, Claude Marcotte, Richard Coutu, and Jean Seville Suffield. Due to the leadership of several president s such as Gilles Dumas, Donald Tremblay, Claude Marcotte and other members of the board: Gervais Sirois, Ginette Biron, Claude Dufour, Denis Chayer, Vallyer Tremblay, Anne Hélène Dussault, Pierre Tremblay, and Jean Seville Suffield, Dr. Glasser had attended a Quality School conference in Rimouski, Québec with over five hundred [500] in attendance. Another highlight was a certification week in Alma, Québec which would precede the conference there.

Dr. Glasser wrote about the event:

One of the highlights of my year was to present my ideas to the Québec Association for Reality Therapy in Alma Québec. What I was most pleased about was the competence the group showed me in their understanding of choice theory, which is the key to using all my present work. It is also the core of a happy, successful personal life. I believe that choice theory is being used both personally and professionally in Québec and I very much want to return to the next conferencewhen my new book on mental health is out. I also appreciated the hospitality that I was shown by the organizing committee from the time I got off the plane. My only regret is that I don’t speak French, but I was made to feel very welcome with all I have; my English. I congratulate the organizing committee for a very well-run conference. Thank you.

At the outset of bringing Glasser’s ideas to Canada, Linda Harshman indicated that Québec had the highest number of people who were certified within the Institute’s early days. This was due to the dedication that Claude Marcotte and others to Dr. Glasser’s work. One of the most notable body of research on reality therapy was conducted by our French Connection. Under the leadership of Claude Marcotte, in-house trainer, and lead researchers, [Sylvie Bilodeau, Guylaine Frenette, Annie Roberge, and Geneviève Robichaud] in four group homes in Québec City, offered their report, “Project: Impact R.T. The Impact of Reality and Choice Theory applied for five years in four group homes of the Centre jeunesse de Québec “Institut universitaire” through the University of Laval. Physical force [restraints] were reduced from over 300/day to almost none from 2001 – 2006. The study has been translated and published in the Journal, should anyone wish to read the complete report. Let us know through Glasser Canada and we can send you the full report in French and in English. This research, to the best of our knowledge, is the only longitudinal study offered on the efficacy of reality therapy. Dr. Robert Wubbolding has mentioned the research in some of his work.

Claude Marcotte was always interested in bringing new supervisors and instructors on board and worked toward this end collaboratively with the Glasser group on the English side to upgrade the site to WGI – Québec. He always remained true to Dr. Glasser’s ideas and worked tirelessly to offer these ideas to others. He retired in 2017.

Glasser Canada and its members and all those whose lives Claude touched offer deepest sympathies to the Marcotte family on Claude’s passing. May time heal the pain of loss leaving only happy memories. May God bless Claude and may he rest in peace!

Remerciements :

English Content : Jean Seville Suffield, DNM [Senior Faculty, WGI]

French Content : Sylvie Bilodeau, [Basic Instructor, IWG]

Note: The date of the funeral has not yet been set. Please consult the death notices for Québec City for more information.  

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