Cancellation and Refund Policy

Because the institute incurs expenses as soon as people request training it has been necessary to adopt the following Refund Policy.

All cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail or hardcopy mail; refunds will be provided by cheque or by applying a refund to a PayPal account. There will be no refunds granted for registrants who do not meet the conditions outlined below.


The deposit for requesting training and reserving a space is non-refundable.

IWGIC incurs expenses as soon as requests for training are received. Instructors are canvassed for availability and venues are secured. As well material is sent to participants, and a registrar is engaged for the event.

If the total amount has been paid for the training a refund will be made with the following provisos:

  • 50 working days before the event or earlier 100% of the total less the deposit.
  • 25 – 49 working days before the event 50% of the total less the deposit.
  • As soon as Instructors have been contractually engaged regardless of the time frame no refund will be given.

Faculty Programs

The provisions for cancellation and refunds is the same as that for Certification when Faculty Programs are organized by Glasser Canada.

There are no refunds possible less than 25 days before the event, however, a substitution is possible at any time prior to the event at no charge.

Please contact us if you have questions.