Choice Theory®

Choice Theory® teaches us why and how we behave to match the picture that we want in order to satisfy our basic needs for survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun. Our thinking, acting, feelings, and physiology occur together; therefore, we refer to this as Total Behaviour.

All behaviours are . . .

  • Internally-motivated
  • Purposeful
  • Flexible
  • Creative

Choice Theory® explains that our behaviours are our constant attempt to gain more effective control of our lives; therefore, we behave in the world to get the picture that we want at the time to meet one or more of our basic needs. From birth, we are constantly driven by these needs, and all behavior is our best attempt at the time to fulfill them. The Quality World, where we store all need-satisfying pictures, by far, is the most important part of our lives. Our pictures, however, are not fixed. We can, and often do, reduce our expectations in a realistic attempt to make it easier to satisfy our needs. An important part of Reality Therapy®, called self-evaluation, helps us to do this. Our programs, through the adaption of questioning techniques, help us better satisfy our needs,  which increase the quality of our lives by improving our relationships.