EXCITING TIMES – Glasser Canada First Webinar

For all members | Replay of May 23rd, 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Original Time


We have planned a webinar for all members on May 23rd,  7:00 PM Eastern Time.



  • Ginette Goguen
  • Ellen Gélinas
  • Lynn Sumida
  • Maureen McIntosh
  • Jean Seville- Suffield



Rewards, Descounts & More


  • Eligibility for a Discount code
  • and more


  1. The new Choice Theory Online Basic Intensive
  2. The Take Charge of Your Life Program
  3. The new Ventures Program
  4. New book and how it came about.
  5. Invitation for members to peruse site and offer feedback

Invitation for members

Invitation for members to peruse site and offer feedback, join us in selling books, send articles for e-bulletins, use templates as an entrepreneur, creative use of rentals for training, and to set a date in June for follow-up.