A Set of Directions for Putting and Keeping Yourself Together


Robert E. Wubbolding & John Brickell

Based on the concepts of Reality Therapy, here are some simple and serious suggestions for feeling better, becoming happier, getting along with others, increasing self-esteem, and finding greater meaning and purpose in life. Your clients will learn that to reach their goals they must first take control of their lives and work hard, even when they don’t feel like it. Use this to improve your counseling strategies or as a self-help book for those in need.

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This is an absolute “jewel” of a book! It is an invaluable resource. It can be used both as a tool for helping professionals and by individuals who seek self-help guides to living a more satisfying life. I use it regularly in teaching and counseling with a diverse clientele.

In addition, I have used it personally and have recommended it to friends and family. Everyone should own several copies of this book because they tend to “disappear.”

– Robert E. Rapp, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Education

Western New Mexico University


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About the Author:

Dr. Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD, an internationally known teacher, author, and practitioner of reality therapy, teaches choice theory and reality therapy in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. His contributions to theory and practice include the ideas of positive symptoms, the cycle of counseling, five levels of commitment, and others; he has also significantly expanded the procedure of evaluation. Dr. Wubbolding has written over 130 articles, essays, and chapters in textbooks, and complete 10 books Reality Therapy for the 21st Century and Reality Therapy through The American Psychological Association Theories of Psychotherapy Series. You may reach Bob through http://www.realitytherapywub.com/ or by telephone at (513) 561-1911.

John Brickell, DC, is Director of Training for the William Glasser Institute UK and a senior faculty member of William Glasser International. He has taught RT/CT in North America, the Far East, Middle East, in the United Kingdom, and in several European countries. Along with Dr Bob Wubbolding, he is the co-author of the very practically focused book Counselling With Reality Therapy, (2nd Ed 2016). A Set of Directions for Putting & Keeping Yourself Together is a self development book, published in 2001. John is a personal coach and counsellor and qualified as a (McTimoney) chiropractor. He provides some 'backbone' to the other areas in which he works which complements the mind-body-spirit approach he brings to Choice Theory Psychology and Reality Therapy. More recently, John has been working in conjunction with the SIRPA UK organisation as a coach/practitioner – in a ground breaking approach in helping people to fully recover from chronic pain and other forms of stress illness. This approach dove-tails completely with Choice Theory Psychology. You may reach John through http://www.real.choice.co.uk

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