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Nathanael Seers

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This game is designed for a minimum of 2 players and consists of 52 cards based on the main principles and axioms of Choice Theory. They are of particular interest since Nathanael worked with Carleen Glasser in the design and content of the cards in Los Angeles. This  ‘game’ holds special interest for those who teach Dr. William Glasser’s ideas. What fun! Played similarly to the game of SNAP, whoever is the ‘fastest on the draw to match the colour’ has the opportunity to share knowledge with a partner or with others in the group. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who claims interest in Dr. Glasser’s work. The FUN is all yours!


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: Nathanael Seers is the founder of DASETi. Learning Choice Theory from Dr. William and Carleen Glasser changed his outlook towards his own situations. Seeing the changes in his life, he is convinced Choice Theory works and, therefore, developed the CHOICE CARD System.
Nathanael is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is also a certified Hypnocoach, having trained with the originator of Hypnocoaching, Lisa Halpin. His other areas of expertise are Neuro-Linguistic-Programming [NLP] and Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT], Dream Therapy, personality profiting tools and Huna, the Hawaiian art of healing. Nathanael is certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy through William Glasser International. Check out the following http://www.daseti.com or for further information.

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