Are We The Keepers of the Eternal Flame?

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Dr. Robert Wubbolding

The WEBINAR opened up some interesting areas for conversation and discussion, which was exactly what Dr. Wubbolding wanted.

Premium Webinar | “Are We The Keepers of the Eternal Flame?”

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This frank and hard-hitting presentation focuses on the 3rd component of the three-fold legacy of Dr. William Glasser – continuous and relevant development and change. It shall be presented with an emphasis on questions intended to stimulate thought and discussion. Glasser continually developed choice theory and reality therapy. Should we be bound rigidly by the theory and practice without any effort to adapt them to ever-changing cultures and values?

Robert Wubbolding is an internationally known teacher, author and practitioner of Reality Therapy, having taught Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia including thirteen countries.
Dr. Wubbolding has become synonymous with a branch of psychotherapy called Reality Therapy. His books, presentations and courses served to advance this therapeutic application and brought him personal and professional distinction of international scope.
His contributions to the theory and practice include the ideas of “Positive Symptoms,” “The Cycle of Counseling,” and “5 Levels of Commitment.”

Dr. Robert Wubbolding | Psychologist

Professional Clinical Counselor, Board Certified Coach

Lynn Sumida is a Senior Faculty and professional counsellor. She is the developer of the transformational process Prime Potential works and teaches around the world. She is a contributor to the best selling book “The Thought that Changed My Life Forever” and producer of the Glasser online subscription VENTURES.

Lynn Sumida

Senior Faculty and professional counsellor

Webinar Part 1 Recorded July 18, 2019

⦁ Can we really give up external controls? Is such a change possible? Is it even desirable?
⦁ Is it possible to eliminate external evaluation? Is it desirable?
⦁ How important is it to help clients and students identify their external control cognition?
⦁ Do we expect clients and students to abandon all self-talk that illustrates external control?
⦁ Is it possible to eliminate criticism? Can we distinguish between different types of criticism?
⦁ How introspective do we expect people to become regarding their needs, self-talk, etc.?

Webinar Part 2 Recorded August 19, 2019

⦁ What is the status of Reality Therapy outside the organization?
⦁ What is the condition of the WGI organization? Flourishing? Growing? Maintaining? Struggling? On life support? Ready for Hospice?
⦁ How does the use of medication or the non-use of medication fit with CT/RT? Are there any other ethical principles for discussion?
⦁ Do we have the key to the universe with Choice Theory?

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Replay Mystery of the Choice Theory Chart

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