For all members | Replay of February 27rd, 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

The SPECIAL ended at midnight March 26, 2018.
The recording shall now be made available for public viewing.

We thank you for your precious gift of ‘time’ and want to share some feedback we received.

The majority of respondents were positive about the Webinar and want more. We have one who indicated the Webinar was not relevant and
one who was not able to access the live event.
This feedback is important so we can make changes for the future.

, people want MORE!

  • All areas interest me so it does not matter anything will be beneficial to my learning and growing
  • More on the chart. There is so much to learn
  • Elevator snap shots – When someone asks “What’s Choice Theory?” how to explain choice theory simply, to get the conversation started
  • How to encourage young people – making learning fun – with a purpose.
  • (E.g. My six (6) year old  grand daughter isn’t that interested in reading and writing…..doesn’t see the point of doing it over and over….)
  • Perception conflicts
  • Connections to the principles and practices of The Responsive Classroom
  • Glasser’s brain chart and counselling
  • Types of client
  • Role-Play in Session with Processing Follow-Ups
  • Answering all the most challenging questions
  • Why music and interactive activities
  • Future of CT and RT in relationship to neuroscience – How to catch up!
  • Who shall be in charge of expanding the components of total behaviour etc. in terms of future?



Glasser Canada videos are available in our Webstore regarding role-plays and client types!

Invitation for members

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