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Questions that really make a difference! Third Edition

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This role-play notebook is designed to help people make connections with others and build the relationships they want to live happier lives. Each activity is devoted to a strategy or technique that will help you, the reader, engage in a process of asking those hard questions that really do make a difference. If you are searching for a book to enhance your skills in questioning techniques and have fun in the bargain, then this book is for you.

Jean has provided a wealth of role-play activities that are practical and easy to apply. Owing to her many years of experience in teaching, administration and training, her presentation of role-play activities are fun and full of many learning opportunities. I highly recommend this book.

– William Glasser, M.D.

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Dr. Jean Seville Suffield is a senior faculty member of William Glasser International, a trainer with the Jensen Learning Corporation, and a doctor of Natural Medicine. Jean brings her knowledge and expertise in working with others in this Role-Play Notebook which offers a wise variety of role-play involvement activities and discussion sessions. It is a ‘must’ for anyone working with others – a trainer’s treasure. Contact: jeanseville@hotmail.com or (450) 646-2590.

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