Faculty Programs

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Consider becoming a faculty member

Once you are Choice Theory Reality Therapy Certified (CTRTC) you can attend Faculty Programs to become a faculty member of Glasser Canada and by extension of William Glasser International.

The purpose of these programs is to ensure that faculty members who represent Glasser Canada have the appropriate knowledge and skills to teach the various elements of the certification process.

The Practicum Supervisor Program (PSP) consists of four stages:

– Field work
– Training
– Field work
– Endorsement

Supervisors conduct basic and advanced practica and assist in basic and advanced intensive training.

The Instructor Training Program (ITP) consists of four stages:

– Field work
– Training
– Field work
– Endorsement.

Instructors conduct practica and Basic Intensive Training.

Senior Faculty Endorsement
Senior Faculty may teach all aspects of the faculty training program.  In addition it is generally expected that Senior Faculty make themselves available for teaching professional development workshops as well as take an active role in local and international Conferences.

We can provide more detailed information and / or connect you with a senior faculty member to answer your questions. Please click here to contact us.