Certification is a goal worth achieving and will serve you well in all walks of life!

The training program leads to certification by William Glasser International – a world-wide federation of countries that teach people Dr. Glasser’s concepts.

There are 5 steps in becoming Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Certified (CTRTC)

1.      Basic Intensive Training

The first step in learning to use tools that can change your life, experience the world in a new way, and positively change the relationship you have with others.

From this experience you can decide if Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Certification is a meaningful and useful undertaking for you.

2.      Basic Practicum

Reviewing and practicing concepts and skills learned in the Basic Intensive.

3.      Advanced Intensive Training

This training takes the concepts and skills to higher level of involvement and difficulty.  Participants are much more involved in the process.

4.      Advanced Practicum

Like the Basic Practicum this practicum focuses on greater concept and skill development. It also helps participants get ready for certification

5.      Certification

This is an event of demonstrations and teaching.

The level of involvement is high because success has been built into the preparation for Certification.  Many participants consider it one of the highlights of their life.

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