Choice Theory is the foundation for all that we teach. Dr. Glasser has taught us that we choose almost all what we do. We behave to match one or more of our pictures of the way we want things to be in our lives to satisfy one or more of our basic needs for survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.

Glasser Canada offers training in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead-Management to integrate the concepts personally in your own lives and professionally for those of you who work with others. Whether you wish to see yourself differently or want to learn how to help others lead happier and more-fulfilling lives, this training is for you!

An OVERVIEW of TRAINING LEADING TO CERTIFICATION [CTRTC] is available so you can view, at a glance, the topics that shall be covered at each level to increase your knowledge and build and improve your skills. The COMPETENCIES provide you with the wealth of the knowledge and skills covered.


Here is an explanation of our 5-Step Program leading to Certification.


Basic intensive training has traditionally been offered over a four [4] day period of 27 hours; however, we are pleased to announce a three [3] Day session that covers a period of 21 hours minimum. The training is competence-based allowing greater flexibility in recognizing individual learning styles and capabilities. Continuing Education

Credits [CEC]s are offered in Canada through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association through the instructor.

William Glasser International has been approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors [NBCC] as a Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 5189. Since all Glasser Canada Faculty are members of WGI, professionals may check out the conditions of CECs or CEUs with their instructors.


30 Hours over a 6-month period [May be done online – Check with your Supervisor]

The purpose of the Basic Practicum is to assist the participant in becoming more familiar and comfortable with Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. Emphasis is placed on role-plays so that the participant gains sufficient experience and feedback in preparation for attendance at the Advanced Intensive Training.


21 Hours over 3 Days or 27 Hours over 4 Days

The third step following a basic practicum is the Advanced Intensive Training.


It is also important to provide you with a clear picture of expectations so that your time together with the group will be a true learning experience.


*      study Dr. Glasser’s concepts in greater depth

*      participate more actively in activities to gain more knowledge and skill

*      build on the knowledge and skill level acquired during the practica sessions

*      clarify the interrelationship between Reality Therapy and Choice Theory

*      understand the roles of the interviewer, client/learner, process observer

*      participate fully in role-play/interview as the interviewer and client

*      gain more insights into ways of approaching the role-play or interview

*      acquire more strategies and techniques for role-play/interview practice

*      explain the role-play situation from the perspective of Choice Theory

*      practice situations involving a wider variety of client populations

*      understand how lead management relates to theory and practice

*      offer and receive feedback which will be modeled by instructors

The Advanced Intensive Training is primarily designed to afford the participant an opportunity to study Dr. Glasser’s concepts in greater depth. The participant, during this training session, is expected to engage more actively in role-playing and the processing of role-plays. Participants increase their knowledge and understand more fully the interrelationship among various components of the process, as well as increase their understanding of Dr. Glasser’s work.


30 Hours over a 6-month period [May be done partially online – Check with your Supervisor]This phase prepares participants for attendance at Certification and provides opportunities for further integration. Participants concentrate on more intensive practice with role-play and learn more about how to provide feedback to other participants in a supportive learning environment. Each participant develops and practises a self-designed 15-minute presentation which teaches some aspect of Dr. Glasser’s concepts. This presentation will be made to a small Certification group and is one of the requirements at Certification.


The final phase of Certification in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Lead-Management is celebratory in nature where participants demonstrate knowledge and skill in a warm, supportive environment with an emphasis on success. Individuals vary in their pace through the first four steps and may take a minimum of 12 months to reach Certification. Others may take the tradition 18-month period. Preparation for certification is offered in the advanced practicum so that each participant and Supervisor co-verifies readiness for the Certification Session. Sessions are offered throughout Canada when there are sufficient numbers.

Check the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for training and/or certification near you. For further information Contact Us.


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