International Board

William Glasser Association International Board was elected in July of 2011. The mandate of the Association is to foster and disseminate the ideas of Dr. William Glasser. The following is an excerpt from Linda Harshman August update regarding the possible future development of the function of the International Board.

‘Questions of course have been raised about the relationship between the Advisory Board, the Legal Board and the newly elected International Board. The roles appear blurred – and they are – and will continue to be so for a period of time. We are in the process of change at several levels and some systems will continue to run parallel to each other.

The Advisory Board is the Advisory Board for the United States only. All countries including the United States will be handling their own administrative affairs and the Legal Board will eventually phase into the International Board – a process that will take several years.

The perspective of the Legal Board is that The William Glasser Institute will eventually exist in cyberspace, house the database for choice theory members worldwide, manage the funds of the non -profit organization and be the hub of a vibrant entity making its mark on the world. As most of you know, The Institute because it is a non-profit organization cannot be owned by any individuals or entities.’