David Langer

Board Member, CTRTC


I am a Coordinator of Self-Management Programs in the Vancouver Coastal Region of British Columbia. I have extensive experience in social services mostly in supervisory capacities, working with at-risk youth in emergency receiving, being a child care counsellor in the school system, and managing homes for adults who have developmental delays. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UBC and I was certified in Reality Therapy in the year 2000.

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e-Glasser is a niche community of individuals familiar with Glasser ideas while opening its doors for those interested in learning more about their behaviour. It is like a car with you in the driver’s seat.


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Imagine a social platform with the seven connecting habits at its core. Created with the desire to ensure Dr.Glassers legacy lives on and the intention of uniting a dynamic international network of professionals from many disciplines including teachers, mental health counsellors, addiction specialists, coaches, entrepreneurs, management and, of course, parents.

Founded by senior faculty and facilitators of Glasser Canada, eGlassers primary focus is to share our quality training resources while providing the opportunity for facilitators and students to utilize the online platform to engage and build strong connections. Our vast library of webinars, blogs and videos offer hours of choice theory themed content to deepen learning, get to know mentors from around the world and provide an opportunity to tap into a supportive, enriching environment 24/7.

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