More About Us

Who We Are

The William Glasser Institute Canada, like similar organizations all over the world, is a not-for-profit organization. Our mandate is to teach Canadians Choice Theory and to provide training in Reality Therapy, Lead Management and Glasser Quality Schools. We provide our services to individuals, families, schools, businesses, churches, clubs, and institutions; in short, to all those who work with people whether as leaders, managers or as employees.

We are a bi-lingual, French & English, organization and endeavor to provide all of our communication and resources in both languages.

The official name of our organization is: INSTITUT WILLIAM GLASSER INSTITUTE CANADA or IWGIC for short. You can switch to our French website by clicking on the “French”  button on the menu.

Please explore our website and find out more about us.

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What We Do

The William Glasser Institute Canada operates on the mission that our members can help people improve their relationship with others. We think that, in part, this misson can become a reality if people learn Choice Theory. In order to realize this vision the Institute does the following.

  • Provides a structure and resources to members in order to facilitate their work in making presentations and providing training.
  • Provides information to the public and training to individuals through Intensive weeks.
  • Provides Businesses with training in Lead Management.
  • Provides professional and lay counselors with training in Reality Therapy.
  • Provides Schools with training that can lead to the designation of Glasser Quality School™.
  • Provides a Certification process for anyone who wishes to be trained in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Lead Management
  • Provides a Certification process for those who wish to become faculty members of the Institute.