Glasser Canada Webinar | 1st MEET THE AUTHOR

  1st MEET THE AUTHOR SEMINAR – Thursday, September 7, 2017

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

This unique resource discusses the core concepts of self-evaluation and the WDEP system of reality therapy and answers the commonly asked questions “How do I intervene with clients who appear to be unmotivated to make changes in their behavior?

Choice theory/reality therapy expert Robert Wubbolding provides mental health professionals with skill-building strategies for helping clients better self-evaluate, embrace the change process, and make more effective life choices.

Detailed interventions and sample counsellor-client dialogues throughout the book illustrate work with clients dealing with posttraumatic stress, anger issues, grieving and loss, self-injury, antisocial behavior, career concerns, relationship problems, and more.

Dr. Wubbolding’s techniques are readily available to mental health and educational settings, with cross-cultural application to clients of various ages.

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  • Useful interventions
  • Expansive nature of WDEP
  • Clients’ controllable choices
  • Advocacy for teaching CT/RT
  • Thoughtful reflection
  • Diverse applications
  • Reality Therapy as a stand-alone system
  • Wide range of counseling styles
  • And much more . . .


Robert E. Wubbolding, Ed.D.
Internationally known teacher, author, practitioner of reality therapy,
Director of the Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Former Director of Training:
The William Glasser Institute!