Congratulations to those who became CTRTC at Rochester School in Chía, Colombia with Lynn Sumida, senior instructor from Canada. The group had the privilege of experiencing outstanding presentations. Best wishes for continued learning!


Sandra Rosero, Margaret Meredith, Cindy Guevara, Mauricio Quintero,

Daniel Molina, Fernando Pardo, Víctor Coronado, Carolina Cruz,

Frayser Mena, Maríamónica Muñoz, Milena Caballero,

Maine Curtis, Ramiro Londoño, Collete McNeil


Congratulations to those who began their choice theory journey with Ivan Honey, senior faculty from Australia, and Ginny González, basic instructor from Colombia. Oh, what places you shall see! Oh, what places you shall go! Wishing you the best of success!

Camila Balaguera, Arturo García Giner, Otoniel Torres, Carolina Guarnizo,

Karla Varela, Kerry  Persaud, Luis Alvarez, Mónica Barriga,

Carlos Andres Olaya, Nicholas Neal, Claudia Moreno,Claudio Serrano,

Adriana Carvajalino, Natalia Leon, Jorge Covacs,


Congratulations to those on their way towards certification. Oh, what fun you must have had with Ellen B. Gélinas, senior faculty from Canada, and Marlen González, basic instructor from Colombia! Wishing you the best of success!


Diana María González, Jenny Torroledo, Sandra Stiebler, Nataly Font, Laura Cady

Manuela Venegas, Natali Coral, Cesar Rueda, Juliana Jaimes, Carlos Llano, Sol Angie González

Angel Gabriel Angulo, Nirmala Arunachalam, Leonardo Betancour, Tania Ramos, Katherine Santana

Ana María Castelán, Erika Díaz, Tatiana Leguizamón, Samandra Cortés


Congratulations to those who have now begun their first step in faculty programs with Judy Hatswell, senior faculty from Australia, and Sonia Muňoz, basic instructor from Colombia. Thank you, Sonia, for providing some Spanish translation for such a knowledgeable and diverse group. Wishing you the best of success!

Maria Sol Realini, Sally Torres, Maria Consuelo Añez, Ximena Morales, Pamela Ospina

Henry Sanchez , Monica Arrubla, Alejandro Patiño, Alethia Bogoya, Tatiana Romero,


Congratulations to EIGHTY + [Yes, more than 80 people] who registered for the TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE program at the Hotel Casa Dann Carlton with Bette Blance, basic instructor from New Zealand, and Mónica Bernal and Marcela Muňoz, basic instructors from Colombia. How exciting that there is such interest at the grass-roots level. What a great learning experience for all! Well done!



Highlights of WGI International Conference

COLOMBIA TODAY – Home of the 2018 William Glasser International, Inc. Conference in June, Colombia is known for its exceptional hospitality, fun-loving people, choices of so many cuisines, and, above all, its evolutionary progress over time! It is known as being the friendliest country in South America.

  • hospitable and fun-loving
  • why Colombia – so much more
  • cuisine from Arepa to Ants
  • exceptional progress to a thriving metropolis in Bogotá

Speakers & Keynotes

KEYNOTE – Lynn Sumida

Wellness: Is it Merely the Opposite of sick?

Wellness is often viewed in terms of what you are doing – eating well, exercising, having good friends and enough money to make ends meet, but what if real wellness is about something deeper? Can you be well and have a serious illness? Do you feel a sense of wellbeing when you don’t have enough money? Is wellness based on the circumstances you are in? These questions take us deeper into what really contributes to wellness.

Biographic profile:

  • senior faculty with William Glasser International, Inc.
  • Masters degree in social work
  • private practice in Canada since 1980
  • specialist in the area of trauma/abuse, health and well-being
  • focus primarily on making the transition from surviving to thriving.
  • contributing author to the best-selling book, The Thought that Changed My Life Forever

KEYNOTE – Peter Breggin

Toxic Psychiatry & Wellness

Peter R. Breggin is an international speaker and well-known to the Glasser community. His first appearance at a conference was in Ottawa, Canada in 2000 where he and Dr. William Glasser cooperated to make the conference a memorable one. They became friends over the years whereby each would quote the other when it came to the subject of mental health and drugs. Dr. Breggin offered his research on toxic psychiatry and wellness at the conference via video-conferencing and whose presentation was well-received.

Biographic profile:

  • dedicated to reforming the mental health field
  • known for modern criticism of psychiatric drugs and ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy)
  • advocate of more effective therapies
  • authored dozens of articles and over twenty books
  • bestsellers: Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac (with Ginger Breggin), Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: a Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families

KEYNOTE – Brian Lennon

Choice Theory and the Well-being of Teenagers: Counselling in Schools for Personal Wellbeing and a Bully-free Environment

Brian Lennon focussed on the different ways that Choice Theory psychology can help in work with teenagers. Rather than see them as adults-in-the-making, Brian believes it is important to treat teenagers as real people with real lives in the here and now. He offers:

  • ideas on advantages of choice theory with this group
  • introduces practical applications to alleviate stress, bullying, and anger
  • based on over 25 years of experience with teenagers
  • offers a range of supplementary materials

KEYNOTE – Terry Lynch

Take Charge: A Key Component of Mental Health Recovery

As Dr. William Glasser correctly identified, there are many problems associated with mainstream psychiatry’s approach to mental health. A crucial limitation of mainstream psychiatry is the failure to appreciate and address the extensive links between loss of personal agency, self-efficacy and the psychiatric diagnoses. In his keynote speech, Terry Lynch explains why mainstream psychiatry methodically avoids enabling their patients to take charge and become empowered. Check out his views on anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders and suicide. Not to be missed!

Biographic profile:

  • physician – fully registered with the Medical Council of Ireland
  • psychotherapist – fully accredited with the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP)
  • best-selling health author
  • mental health educator
  • provider of a recovery-oriented mental health service
  • over 70% of the people who attend him already have a psychiatric diagnosis

KEYNOTE – Satoshi Aoki

Managing For Wellness And Greater Results

Achievement Corporation has supplied Choice Theory-based human resources development programs for over 30 years since 1987 to more than 33,000 business people, including CEOs and presidents, diverse professionals and sales managers. Those who have taken their programs have succeeded in performing better results by not only learning the use of Choice Theory but also creatively using it for management, leadership development, and organizational system management.

Biographic profile:

  • president of Achievement Corporation

presented in video in Japanese with English subtitles

KEYNOTE – Jaime Jaramillo

How to Activate the Magic of Your Fourth Brain to Be Happy

This experiential event, where the participants carry out an in-depth analysis of unconditional service, leads them to understand how to wake up their hearts. This revolutionary vision of service leads participants to reflect deeply on what they can do from their place of work to positively impact the lives of other people, delivering the best of them; it gives them tools to put this way of seeing life into practice and leads them to understand that those actions by others have a positive impact on their lives, returning to their essence, and fulfilling the true mission in this world, to be happy.

Biographic profile:

  • writer and lecturer
  • ‘Papá Jaim” is internationally known for his social work and contribution to world peace
  • creator of the Niños de los Andes Foundatio that led to the recovery of nearly 85,000 children living in the sewers and streets of his country
  • ideas embrace the wisdom of the East and applied to the accelerated life of the West
  • true happiness is achieved accepting life with serenity and joy
  • recognized as a social leader and spiritual master
  • recipient of the World Peace Prize, the 10 Leaders of the World, and World Peace Ambassador

KEYNOTE – Jean Seville Suffield, DNM

Leadership in Education: Thinking in ‘Miracles’ – The ABCs of Getting the Job Done!

The research is in! It is now time to revisit our understanding of the link between brain function, wellness, and education. Dr. Jean invites leaders to think in ‘miracles’ in addressing the challenges facing education today. She offers key points, that are critical to changing the way our school systems get the job done, and connects recent research to Choice Theory®. In addition, she shall provide a sneak preview on ways of expanding the components of Total Behaviour.

Biographic profile:

  • author, presenter, trainer
  • experience, knowledge, and skill in business and educational leadership
  • owner and President of ©Choice-Makers/Option-Choix and ChoicePrograms™
  • doctor of natural medicine offering biofeedback and Quantum Wellness Coaching
  • certified in brain-based learning and teaching through the Jensen Learning Corporation
  • senior faculty with William Glasser International, Inc.
  • president of Glasser Canada, member organization of WGI
  • internationally known for quick-pace and interactive activities that make learning ‘fun’
  • author of innumerable articles, web content, and books
  • currently working on Glasser Unplugged

KEYNOTE – Nancy Buck

Parenting for Wellness and Peace

This keynote will focus on a developmental explanation for rearing your children based on Choice Theory with emphasis on how to educate your children for internal responsibility towards life, success, and happiness.

Biographic profile:

Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D. is a Developmental Psychologist, expert on human motivation and behavior, teacher, coach and public speaker.

KEYNOTE – Juan Pablo Aljure León

Century XXI Glasser Quality Schools

This keynote will address the essential elements of the Glasser Quality School in the 21st Century, where the students develop competencies that are key for life and the future world, in a joyful and healthy school environment.

Biographic profile:

  • 1992 introduction to Dr. Glasser’s work “Management in Education” Texas
  • 1994 interview with Dr. Glasser in Los Angeles
  • 1997 basic intensive training through The William Glasser Institute
  • 1999 Certified [RTC]
  • 2001 Basic Intensive Instructor
  • 2001 established with two colleagues Fondacíon Elegir to represent William Glasser International, Inc. in Colombia and Latin America for research about choice theory and its applications, school endorsement process, and all WGI training programs
  • 2005 Senior Faculty
  • offered training in Colombia, and the USA [Colorado Springs CO, Norfolk VA, Boston MA]

KEYNOTE – Iliana Aljure

The Neuroscience of Arts Education: Emotion, Socialization and Cognition for Wellness

Arts Education in Bogotá, Colombia, is considered a fundamental area in a school’s curricula, and this is one of the reasons for having it in Pre-K through 12th at Rochester School. According to diverse authors and research papers globally, positive transformations occur in various fields inside an educational institution, from social/emotional to physical and cognitive, ranging from the individual to the collective, touching parents, teachers, and students. Because of these, important changes happen in the cultural environment of the school. The speaker will show diverse artistic experiences that have happened in the last 30 years of our school, with the purpose of establishing a connection with the bibliographical sources mentioned along the conference.

Biographic profile:

Artistic Director and Vice-President at Rochester School in Bogotá, Colombia, a private bilingual coed school from PreK to 12th Grade and a Leed Certified Glasser Quality School. I have an undergraduate degree in Bacteriology, an MA in Dance Education from New York University, a Quality School Specialist title from the William Glasser Institute, a certification in Brain Based Learning from the Jensen Learning Corporation, and more than 28 years of experience in teaching dance, directing artistic school productions and doing arts administration work. I also have training in Teaching for Understanding, Multiple Intelligences and Making Thinking Visible, from Project Zero at Harvard University. Since 2007, I have committed myself to transfer the ideas and research of Brain Based Learning to teachers, administrators, students and parents, highlighting the importance of putting the brain in the center of the teaching-learning process.


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