Dr. Ivan Honey, a psychologist in Bendigo Australia has spent most of his professional life working with young people. One of the key issues many young people face is a sense of helplessness. Choice Theory offers a great perspective on this, but how do you get young people interested in something that sounds as dry as this? Dr. Honey found a way…

Dr. Honey, Senior Faculty with William Glasser International, is a real pioneer. He shares his work teaching Choice Theory and Reality Therapy through the amazing tools he has developed for working with people, especially children. Children are Ivan’s passion, and his dedication to creating imaginative ways to teach Choice Theory, and engage children in learning about themselves and their behaviour is inspiring.

For more information check out his website by CLICKING HERE.

Here are some questions we’d love to hear from you on…

    • What part do you think diversity has had in people’s sense of belonging?
    • How have you experienced the challenge of expressing thoughts and feelings in ways that others would really understand?
    • How do you feel about using the metaphor of a car to represent your experience, and the ways in which you’re living your life?


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