In a Glasser Quality School, Total Learning Competence is stressed. Evaluations of work that are below competence (what is now a “B”) is eliminated.

All schooling as defined by Dr. William Glasser has been replaced by useful education.

For example, one school working on the Glasser Quality School Model uses a scoring system consistent with  Dr. Glasser’s recommendations, but with considerable enhancement. The in-house progress testing used is:

  • Learning in Progress (P) means competence is not yet reached
  • Competence (C)
  • Advanced (A)
  • Mastery (M)

To proceed beyond Competence to Advanced, a student engages in teaching someone else or shows a standard well beyond the learning expectations.  Similarly, to achieve Mastery, the student must teach a group of people or show a standard well beyond Advanced.


Students work cooperatively in teams from Pre-K onward. This early practice prepares for collaborative teamwork as students progress through the grade levels.

Senior students perceive collaborative teamwork as a skill required for University and they believe that it is one of the keys to being successful there.