Reality Therapy Theories of Psychotherapy Series


Wubbolding continues his exquisite quest to extend the teaching and the principles of choice theory and reality therapy. In this book he integrates theory and practice and provides a resource that we hope will be the gold standard for people wising to learn and practice choice theory and reality therapy. We enthusiastically endorse this work.

William Glasser, MD, and Carleen Glasser, MA.



The American Psychological Association offers Theories of Psychotherapy Series as a focused resource for understanding the major theoretical practiced by psychotherapist today. Each book presents a concentrated review of the history, key concepts, and application of a particular theoretical approach to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of clients. The series emphasizes solid theory and evidence-based practice, illustrated with rich case examples featuring diverse clients. Practitioners and students will look to these books as jewels of information and inspiration.


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Dr. Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD, an internationally known teacher, author, and practitioner of reality therapy, teaches choice theory and reality therapy in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. His contributions to theory and practice include the ideas of positive symptoms, the cycle of counseling, five levels of commitment, and others; he has also significantly expanded the procedure of evaluation. Dr. Wubbolding has written over 130 articles, essays, and chapters in textbooks, and complete 10 books Reality Therapy for the 21st Century and A Set of Directions for Putting and Keeping Yourself Together. You may reach Bob through or by telephone at (513) 561-1911.

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