Practical Reality Therapy and Self Evaluation: The Key to CLient CHange



Canada has always held Dr. Robert Wubbolding in high esteem. He has toured many of our beautiful provinces as the Director of Training for The William Glasser Institute in the early days. He has been instrumental in working side-by-side with Dr. Glasser in promoting Reality Therapy so it became a researched and recognized therapy internationally.  Since 1975 he has been touring international organizations, has continued his excellent training, supported many who have asked for assistance in understanding CT/RT/LM concepts, and has offered us more of his articles and books. Glasser Canada is proud to announce its joy in knowing that Dr. Bob, as we know him, is offering us yet another excellent resource. Yes! Please check out Dr. Wubbolding’s latest treasure:





This unique resource discusses the core concepts of self-evaluation and the WDEP system of reality therapy, and answers the commonly asked question: “How do I intervene with clients who appear to be unmotivated to make changes in their behavior?” Choice theory/reality therapy expert Robert Wubbolding provides mental health professionals with skill-building strategies for helping clients better self-evaluate, embrace the change process, and make more effective life choices. Detailed interventions and sample counselor–client dialogues throughout the book illustrate work with clients dealing with posttraumatic stress, anger issues, grieving and loss, self-injury, antisocial behavior, career concerns, relationship problems, and more. Dr. Wubbolding’s techniques are readily applicable to mental health and educational settings, with cross-cultural application to clients of various ages.


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