Choosing a Quality Loving Sexual Relationship


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Choosing a Quality Loving Sexual Relationship, Revised Edition, 2014.
Maureen Craig McIntosh



This book is written as an offering to those working with teens. Maureen has worked over 25 years and listened to what youth want to learn when making sexual decisions.

This is an attempt to provide skills to assist our youth to prevent unintended pregnancy, or sexually transmitted infections or other abuses associated with sexuality. It is intended to give you the opportunity to evaluate for themselves what kind of sexual relationship they want.

There are no judgments, just questions to think about and an offering of information. The most any of us can do is to prevent unintended teen pregnancy and other consequences is to offer information. How the information is used is up to the teenager.

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About the Author

Maureen Craig McIntosh worked as a nurse with youth at the Sexual Health Centre in Moncton over twenty years. She has Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Development. She is certified to practice Reality Therapy and is a Senior Faculty Member of William Glasser International. She is also a Canadian Certified Counselor.

Today she works as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She has spent many hours talking to youth both on an individual basis and in groups. She has also worked with teachers, counsellors and parents to help them talk effectively with youth about sexuality.

Maureen is a strong believer in the rights of teenagers to make their own decisions. She understands that it is impossible to control another person without their permission. She loves the youth and works hard to offer them an opportunity to think about their options and help them make decisions that are in their own best interest. Her mission is to help young people develop loving, caring relationships free from violence and manipulation. One of her goals also is to help everyone youth and adults alike to see the beauty in a “Quality Loving Sexual Relationship.”

She would like for everyone to learn the skills necessary to create quality connections that are so needed in our lives. To do this we need to remember that we are motivated from within and as long as we look outside of ourselves for external control excuses we are unlikely to be happy. Happiness comes from within, making choices and choosing effective behaviors that help us meet our own needs.

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