Product – Choice Theory Puzzle

PuzzleChoice Theory Puzzle
In-Ja Kim, Director and CEO, Korea Counseling Center

This puzzle is one of so many activities created by Rose-Inza Kim through the Korea Counseling Center [KCC} established in the Spring of 1986. The work done at KCC is a result of the collective efforts, knowledge, and expertise of colleagues whose vision was to initiate a movement that fosters positive attitudes and happiness in society by turning conflicts into opportunities for growth.

THE CT PUZZLE is a ‘must have’ for those who work with others in choice theory and for those who love to learn kinaesthetically. Glasser Canada is, indeed, proud to have some of these puzzles available for purchase. The puzzle size is 10″ x 14″ and comes with an answer grid in English or French.

About the Author: The Glasser community knows this wonderful woman as Rose-Inza who has been actively seeking and promoting the ideas of Dr. William Glasser since the 70s. She is an energetic ‘ball of fire’ in discovering avenues to realize her vision of building a sound society and individual happiness. Check out for further information.

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Delivery date: Within two weeks of placing order.