Product – Becoming A Better Good Samaritan

JACKSON-Samaritan-Apr-29-2016Becoming A Better Good Samaritan
Using Scripture and Choice Theory Psychology
Helping Others Live Life Abundantly

David A. Jackson Ed.D.
Introduction by Robert E. Wubbolding Ed.D.
Author of Reality Therapy for the 21st Century

This book by David A. Jackson offers answers questions about the ‘un-shockable’ – situations experienced by people who have secrets but feel beaten and discouraged, and unsure about where to get help in discovering solutions. David Jackson’s goal is how to live and help others live life abundantly, encouraging the integration of theology with reality therapy, and organizing them so they can be taught to those Good Samaritans who wish to become even better.

Better Good Samaritans or BGSs may reclaim the Great Commission to help distressed people not limited to church members but to the community at large. BGSs are not professional counselors but would fall into the category of steward as a visiting and concerned friend.

The book is well-organized for individual and group learning with insightful questions following each chapter.

About the Author: Dr. Jackson is an Advanced Instructor for the William Glasser Institute, U.S. and William Glasser International and served six years as Regional Director of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Arkansas. He has authored five books in all. Dr. Jackson’s dissertation was a research project successfully demonstrating the integration of theology and psychology by use of spiritual interventions in psychotherapy. He may be reached by e-mail at or by cell phone 816-507-3175.

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