September 14, 2018

Dear Basic and Senior Instructors,

You are receiving this email because you are either a basic or advanced instructor who is a current dues-paying member of William Glasser International.

We have an exciting announcement!

WGI, in collaboration with Ginette Goguen from Canada, founder and owner of Choice Theory Online, faculty member, Practicum Supervisor level, and president of The Key Associates Inc., is offering you the opportunity to become an instructor for the new Choice Theory Online course.

The Key Associates Inc. has a partnership with the Community College of New Brunswick, Canada (CCNB), and is currently offering Choice Theory Basic Intensive Online Training.

This hybrid online course involves students to commit approximately 25 hours of individual online learning:  nine hours of online face-to-face time with a WGI instructor for practice sessions, 11 hours for reading the book, Choice Theory: A new psychology of personal freedom, and five to seven hours of participation in the discussion forum included in the Blackboard platform.

A lot of work has gone into the creation and piloting this course, so it would be ready for you to teach.

Ginette Goguen, in collaboration with Nancy Grant and Jean Suffield, instructors from Canada were the lead developers of the online course. Quizzes and evaluations have been included and edited for maximum learning competencies.

The CCNB, with many years of experience, collaborated in uploading the course material in the online learning platform Blackboard. Their technical department created the content in both official languages for Canada – French and English – to meet the needs of its citizens.

The first wave of new instructors needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at least a basic instructor in good standing with William Glasser International.
  2. Be current in paying their dues to their Member Organization.
  3. Speak, and be fluent in either English or French, since these are the current languages available.
  4. Use a web-conferencing software. Have access to high speed internet. Direct cable connection from the router to your computer is the best choice for urban residents.
  5. Be willing to collaborate with the promotion and the recruitment of participants in their region.

It is further recommended that applicants have some experience working with Blackboard or BrightSpace (formerly Desire 2 Learn) because there is a steep learning curve going from in-person to online training and we are asking that the first group of volunteer instructors have some experience already with online learning. Other instructors will be afforded this opportunity at a later time.

The Choice Theory Basic Intensive 45-hour online course met all the accreditation standards of the “College Communautaire” in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. This post-secondary training institution provides units to express the value of each component (course, internship, research, etc.) of a program of study. One (1) unit corresponds to 45 nominal hours of training in the case of a course. Depending on the training institution, one (1) unit could provide the equivalency of 3 credits. Please note that each institution is responsible for issuing an equivalence, or not, for this 45-hour online course. An analysis of the course plan and/or the course syllabus must be done by the education institution to compare if the objectives of the course meet their criteria and/or standards.

Instructors can expect to spend at least 20 hours before their first class going over the educational modules, creating a personal introduction of self to students, prepare for nine hours of face-to-face online sessions with students and within each course, commit to at least another seven hours reading and responding to students’ blog posts.

Anyone wishing to apply to teach this course that matches the criteria stated, please send an email to your member organization so they know of your intent to deliver basic intensive training online and your member organization will inform WGI, who will let The Key Associates know of your interest.

Ginette Goguen will then communicate with you to give you details, information on the requirements, and the financial remittance that can be expected in the delivery of this Choice Theory Basic Training Online course.


Thank you in advance

Yours in Choice,

Kim Olver, Executive Director

William Glasser International