Nomination Form

The Glasser Canada Board of Directors is issuing a call for nominations to our Board of Directors.

Nomination Form due by Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

The Board’s Nominating Committee will review all nominations and choose those individuals who best suit a set of criteria set forth by the By-Laws. A director shall have at least certification designation as CTRTC or RTC and be a Member in Good Standing with Glasser Canada.

The Board is required to affirm the slate of candidates as presented by the Nomination Committee. This slate will be presented to the voting members electronically with one vote per voting member through a Notice of Vote to open the vote December 13, 2017 and which shall close December 20, 2017.

Those members so elected shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting which shall be announced within the next two weeks. Questions may be directed to Carole Eaton through

Call for Nominations to the Board

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • 1- Nomination for the Glasser Canada Board of Directors

    Nominators must be registered members of Glasser Canada. Nominees must be CTRT Certified.
  • All nominations must have a valid e-mail addres
  • As a Director on the Board of Glasser Canada

  • Deemed signed if typed.
  • 2 -Acceptance of Nomination

    Nominees please note that you must be CTRT Certified to accept the nomination
  • Accept the nomination for Director. Deemed signed if typed.