Press Release: Glasser Canada Organization Shifting Focus

Dateline: June 4, 2015

The William Glasser Institute – Canada has shifted its focus following its Annual General Meeting held in Regina, Saskatchewan March 22nd. The Board of Directors, that draws on representatives throughout Canada, spent four days of intensive discussion and creative reflection to redesign its organization based on the works of the renowned psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser, mentor and friend, who passed away on August 23, 2013.

The organization is taking a giant leap toward increasing its visibility through strengthening membership, communication, renewal of personal commitment and professional investment. The Glasser group has redefined itself as the leader and prime mover in providing skills of success to last a lifetime  to engage, teach, and lead toward an optimism and confidence for a vibrant action-oriented future.

Founded in 1991, the renewed focus is to lead the world in helping others to effectively change their lives. For those who wish to see its growth, please check our website to follow the dynamic force of this collective intelligence.

William Glasser Institute – Canada