Glasser Canada is dedicated to the promotion and further development of the ideas that Dr. William Glasser taught. We are interested in their application and relationships to other works not only in Canada but wherever Canadians connect with others in the global community.



Promoting education and training;
  • Developing concepts to expand the ideas to appeal to a broader base;
  • Researching applications that we know work and require more evidence;
  • Providing appropriate guidelines for teaching excellence;
  • Teaching in all fields of endeavour that embrace best learning practices;
  • Listening and understanding the diverse needs of our multi-cultural communities;
  • Being the strong voice for the promotion and advancement of the ideas of Dr. William Glasser in all fields: business, education, psychology, health and wellness, family, and community;
  • Adhering to integrity in professional standards in delivery of our work.
  • Leading Canadian Faculty and other members in the development and promotion of their work in a collaborative culture for mentoring and networking;
  • Becoming a self-sustaining organization that permits a continuation of the main goals and objectives of the corporation as a viable and vibrant entity.
  • Entering into agreements and/or serving as liaison with other in order to present and achieve mutually sought aims and objectives.
Dr. Glasser

Dr. Glasser had a long standing relationship with Canada dating back to the mid sixties. According to Jim Montagnes, Senior Faculty, the first time the words Reality Therapy were heard, was in a lecture Dr. Glasser gave in Vancouver B.C. in 1965. From the mid-sixties, there were many individuals involved with his ideas but the two leaders to be acknowledged are Diane [Heatherington] Gossen and Jim Montagnes: Diane in the west and Jim in the east promoted Bill’s ideas throughout the region. Bill travelled to Canada frequently to lecture and do workshops. Canada was one of his favourite destinations and he spoke from coast-to-coast, Newfoundland to Victoria. One of the first certifications took place in the early seventies in Québec City and a conference in Montréal in 1985. Thanks to our francophone friends and colleagues, Glasser’s ideas took hold in French. It seems difficult for some to imagine it today but following Glasser’s words of wisdom came the French version and so it went for some time with translation.

As time went on, Linda Harshman, a social worker from a small town in Nova Scotia, became the “Voice” in helping Dr. Glasser manage The William Glasser Institute and the many programs that The Institute developed and promoted. Canada was so closely allied and aligned with Glasser and his ideas, that Canada was considered as a region along with the regions in the USA and had representation on the WGI board. In 2010-2011 Bill advised us that ‘it was time’ so, on his advice, Canada became Institut William Glasser –

Canada/William Glasser Institute – Canada. Now, as Glasser Canada, we continue to have a major influence in spreading Dr. Glasser’s ideas and enjoy a warm relationship with Carleen Glasser.

Jean Seville Suffield, DNM – President and Senior Faculty

Jim Montagnes, Senior Faculty and former WGI Canada Representative