Francesco Bazzocchi

Francesco Bazzocchi

Francesco Bazzocchi

Biographical Info Francesco Bazzocchi HBA, M.ED  is an active member of the Glasser Canada board. He is Head of the Theology Department at St. Michael’s College School and a teacher of Religion and Leadership. Francesco is also the coach of the St. Michael’s Majors Prep Hockey Team



Bazzocchi Consulting aims to assist companies, leaders, and everyday people to take charge of their lives by helping them be at their best when it counts the most. We take pride in delivering all of our programs with an understanding of emotional intelligence, choice theory, lead management, and the practice of reality therapy.


Bazzocchi Consulting provides a variety of services. Our expertise is in designing and delivering programs, workshops, and leadership development that specifically meet the needs of our clients.

We deliver student and staff development workshops in schools for all partners involved: administration, teaching staff, students, office staff, and parents, by adhering to the practice of Dr. William Glasser’s “Quality Schools”.

We train corporate managers to be effective communicators, apt in providing constructive feedback and building synergy within their team environment.

We provide personal counselling to students and athletes in managing anxiety performance for both school and sporting competitions. Our sessions help each individual overcome their self-defeating barriers, preparing them to be their best when it counts the most.

We provide personal counselling for individuals who may be facing a variety of difficulties, and work with them to create a plan so that they can achieve their goals.


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