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Join Us! Membership has its benefits

You can now also renew your William Glasser International Membership through Glasser Canada

new logo finalGlasser Canada offers three levels of membership: 

Supporter – free membership
By registering you will receive our E-Bulletin and other notices of events.

Associate Member – $ 10
As an associate member you are a non-voting member and you should have completed Basic Intensive Training. You will have access to the website resources for members.
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Regular Member – $ 20
As a regular member you are a voting member and should be RT Certified or CTRT Certified.  You will have access to the website resources for members.
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For a list of member benefits, please click here…>

wgi logoWilliam Glasser International offers four levels of membership:

Faculty Member – $ 100 CAD
As a Faculty Member you must be a Supervisor or an Instructor who is recognized by WGI. You must be a Faculty Member if you wish to train WGI recognized courses.
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Facilitator Member – $ 40 CAD
As a Facilitator you must be CTRT or RT Certified have been accredited through WGI to facilitate the workshop ‘Take Charge of your Life’.
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Full Member – $ 25 CAD
As a Full Member you must have completed Advanced Training in a Certification Program offered or endorsed by William Glasser International.
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Associate/Student Member – $ 15 CAD
Associate or Student Membership is the only membership that may be paid directly through WGI’s website for $25 US or through a member organization for $10 US ($15 CAD).
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