Spriblossoms2ng is such a great time to spruce up our thinking about ourselves and about others.

Nature in all her beauty is there ready to help lift our spirits as long as we are willing to let her.

After all, the one thing we have almost total control over is how we think about ourselves, about others and about the world we live in. How we decide to think will affect us emotionally, affect how we do things and how we feel physically.

birdfeederNature can help!

  1. Observe nature let her help still the constant chatter in our head. Relax in the warmth of the spring sun.
  2. Be in the present moment. Be aware of the smells, the colors and the sounds.
  3. Choose to be joyful about what you feel and observe

fieldIt is easier to get rid of bad habits in spring.

Bad habits like criticizing, blaming and complaining, are easier to discard if you notice the beauty around you.

So too is it easier to stop nagging, threatening and punishing. Somehow bribing people or rewarding them just to control them seems very trivial once one has really appreciated what spring has to offer.

Best of all enjoying spring cost us only our willingness to enjoy it.

If you haven’t tried this you will be amazed how your relationships blossom!