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I’m so excited about the work of Glasser Ventures. As you know, Bill’s work, both his ideas and their applications have changed thousands of people’s lives. With him gone I feel it’s really important that we find ways to continue to reach out to people. If we don’t champion what we believe in, it will fade, regardless of how significant it was in the past. I think of the Arts, because that’s also dear to my heart. I know how deeply this community relies on active support to continue to their mission to make the world a better, more enriched place. The Glasser community needs this, too! Our world needs Bill’s ideas today, more than ever, to build strong healthy relationships, understand each other and enhance our motivation to be self-responsible.

Colleagues Lynn Sumida and Jean Seville Suffield, President of Glasser Canada, have taken the initiative to create a way to reach people using the wonderful technology we have available today. They have created an online video interview series called VENTURES which comes right to your inbox, featuring conversations with people from around the world, who are using Bill’s ideas. These are innovative and inspiring stories which they hope will encourage people to connect, learn more and ultimately expand the awareness of what Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management can offer the world. I am so grateful and excited that they have taken action to keep Bill’s legacy not only alive, but growing.

Like many new ideas, however, it takes time to catch on and they need resources (cash flow) to do this, while they build the momentum. There has already been a lot of “love labor” invested because Lynn and Jean really want this project to have the time it needs to catch on. In conversation with them we have come up with the idea of a Benefactors Fund. You may already be actively contributing in other ways, and this is really appreciated, but this is something I really want to see flourish. This fund will be used to showcase Bill’s ideas and how they are being used globally, keeping them current, alive and relevant. Creating this awareness on a global scale is critical, and has not been done to date.

If you can support this project, you can contribute in either a one-time donation, or a monthly contribution. Funds will be used just for production and marketing, and the exploration of technology for translation into multiple languages. This Fund will be managed by Glasser Canada, which is a Not-for-profit Corporation, and an annual report will be available upon request. Glasser Canada will issue receipts which possibly can be claimed as a donation, based upon the country in which you live. I am personally reaching out to people I feel close to, and very grateful for any support you can give, even if it is only to spread the word.

Carleen Glasser

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Please be in touch with us if there’s anything else you need. We really appreciate your working with us on this so diligently. We look forward to expanding the VENTURES program with your help. Thank you!



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